International Trade Fastpass


In the face of a changing global economic landscape, a key task for the HKTDC is to nurture a new generation of startups and SMEs who will be future ready. In the coming year, we will focus our efforts on helping our startups and enterprises to embrace the challenges brought by new global market trends and technology advancements; expand to the mainland and overseas; and enhance their medium-term competitiveness under the Belt and Road Initiative.

To help convert more startups to engage in international trade, HKTDC has developed an informative “fast track” to connect startups and enterprises to the latest global and technological trends.

The Programme:

In the format of a thematic seminar series, the programme will provide the startups and SMEs on practical knowledge of international trade at the “International Trade Fastpass”. Participants could identify the suitable markets for their business expansion at Market Exploration, while exploring their marketing strategies and innovative business solutions at Capacity Building.For more details, please click here.

Upcoming Events

Workshop /Seminar Topic Category
1 February 2018
New Investment Opportunities Arising from the FTA between HK and ASEAN”
Market Exploration
G/F Lounge Area, SME Centre, HKCEC

Remarks: HKTDC reserves the right to change the above information and events.

Past Events

Workshop / Seminar Topic Category
13 Nov 2017
Workshop on “FastPass to International Market"
Capacity Building
22 Sep 2017
Burgeoning India: The Foreseeable Opportunities and Challenges
Market Exploration

29 Aug 2017
Your Malaysian Business Fastpass
Market Exploration
18 Aug 2017
Business Expansion : Regular Chain VS Franchise Capacity Building
18 Aug 2017
Luncheon Talk: Access to Iranian F&B Market Market Exploration
8 Aug 2017
Branding to Win Seminar: New Horizon of Digitalisation Capacity Building
9 Jun 2017
S Trump’s Government: Opportunities and Challenges Market Exploration

9 Jun 2017
Europe’s Latest Economic and Political Development in 2017 Market Exploration
8 Jun 2017
The Business Potential in the Middle East and Africa Market Exploration

8 Jun 2017
Rising Stars Focus: ASEAN and India – The Business Opportunities under the Growing Middle Class Market Exploration

7 Jun 2017
China’s Grand Initiatives in 2017: Co-existence of Challenges and Opportunities
Market Exploration

28 Apr 2017
Trends on E-tailing and Consumer Market in India Market Exploration